Thirteen students completed a new graduate course offered by Bioengineering in Fall 2011. Titled “Medical Product Ideation” (BIOENG2150), the MPI course was developed by Professor Alan Hirschman under the sponsorship of the new Center for Medical Innovation. The course is first in a series satisfying the requirements of a Professional Masters in Medical Product Innovation, although it is also available as an elective in the graduate Schools of Engineering, Health Sciences, and Business. The aim is to provide tools, methods, and inspiration for the next generation of medical product development engineers, managers, and industry entrepreneurs.

The MPI course was designed to guide student teams in the use of tools to discover unmet, often unrecognized needs in the clinical environment. Tools and methods were taught through lectures and workshops conducted by medical device industry professionals. Students demonstrated mastery of tools for creative idea generation, identification of needs, and structured problem solving. The course also covered the basics of patents, regulatory issues, and product liability. Each of the teams was paired with a “clinical mentor” from the School of Medicine to work on developing clear problem statements, requirements, and potential solutions to unresolved clinical problems. Preliminary market analysis and IP evaluations were also performed by each team. The course will be offered again in Fall 2012.

Here is a listing of the student teams, clinical mentors, and respective projects:

“Sutureless Arterial Anastomosis” (Dr. J. Peter Rubin, Plastic Surgery)
Da-Tren Chou, Christopher Saylor, Dr. Katrin Gassei

“Optimizing Glaucoma Screening” (Dr. Joel Schuman, Ophthalmology)
Jon Berkepile, Dr. Anne Argenta, Sarah Luffy, Dr. Jun Wang

“Information Access: Computer on Wheels” (Dr. Matthew Cove, Critical Care Medicine)
Kane Smith, Amy Chaya, Young Chung

“Detection of External Bleeding from Catheter Access Sites” (Dr. Hernando Gomez, Critical Care Medicine)
Dae Ho Hong, Yujuan Zhao, Eric Jeffries
 Product Innovation