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Banerjee Lab (or ExCEL as we call it) 2012 Group Photo. First Row: (L to R) Luciana Morone, Sierra Barner, Dr. Banerjee, Hikaru Mamiya, Dr. Sankaramanivel Sundararaj, Dr. Joe Candiello. Second Row: (L to R) Saik Kia Goh, Keith Task, Shibin Mathew, Thomas Richardson.


Dr. Banerjee received the National Science Foundation EAGER grant (2015-2017) titled "Biomanufacturing: Engineered hydrogel capsules for controlled scalable cultures of pluripotent stem cells". News Release and Grant Details

Dr. Banerjee will speak at the 2014 NIH Common Fund High-Risk High-Reward Symposium at the NIH campus, Bethesda, MD on December 17, 2014. The talk will focus on the accomplishments of the lab under the NIH New Innovator Award. Read the abstract here. This was an eventful year for the lab with several impactful publications and this is a remarkable way to showcase the accomplishments in their entirety.

Dr. Banerjee received the National Science Foundation (NSF) Early-Concept Grants for Exploratory Research (EAGER) entitled "Systems Analysis of Signaling Pathways towards Robust Differentiation". The award is for 1 year at $100,000. Read more ....

October 2015

Lab undergrads, Sarah Casne and Julie Hartz win the best poster award given by the Pitt Innovation Institute at Science 2015 conference. The poster was titled: "The Ugly Side of Nano: Toward Understanding Nanoparticle Toxicity". They were mentored by grad students, Thomas Richardson and Sharlee Mahoney. Congratulations to the team!

May 2015

Saik-Kia Goh has been selected as a finalist for the 2015 NIH Director's Early Independence Award (EIA/DP5). He will attend an in-person interview by the EIA/DP5 Editorial Review Board – a panel of distinguished scientific leaders charged with identifying and evaluating the next generation of highly promising and successful biomedical and bio-behavioral scientists. Congratulations Kia and all the best! More details of the DP5 award can be found here.

Dr. Joe Candiello received NSF travel award to present his work at Regenerative Medicine Workshop at Hilton Head, May 13-16, 2015. He will be presenting a poster (in combination with a poster spotlight) on his work titled "Substrate mediated controlled generation of multicellular islet organoids from hPSC derived pancreatic progenitor cells". Congratulations Joe!!

New Publication from Shibin Mathew in MDPI Processes titled "Network Analysis Identifies Crosstalk Interactions Governing TGF-β Signaling Dynamics during Endoderm Differentiation of Human Embryonic Stem Cells". Congratulations Shibin!

March 2015

OXE ChemE Department Research Day: Thomas Richardson won the best oral presentation award for his talk entitled "The effect of alginate capsule composition on pancreatic differentiation of human embryonic stem cells". Congratulations Tommy!

McGowan Institute Annual Retreat: Shibin Mathew secured first place in the poster competition at MIRM in the category of "Computation and Modeling" for his "TGF-beta signaling during endoderm differentiation" work. Congratulations Shibin!

December 2014

ExCEL Lab at TERMIS Annual Meeting 2014: We had multiple podium presentations at TERMIS Annual Meeting in Washington DC. Research projects by graduate students Keith Task, Thomas Richardson and Saik Kia Goh were presented.

November 2014

Saik Kia Goh was selected as University's applicant for the NIH Director's Early Independence Award Program (DP5). Congratulations Kia and all the best! More details of the DP5 award can be found here.

ExCEL Lab at AIChE Annual Meeting in Atlanta: We had multiple podium presentations at AIChE. Research projects by Graduate students Keith Task, Shibin Mathew, Thomas Richardson and Saik Kia Goh were presented. Our undergraduates Sierra Barner and Kimaya Padgaonkar presented posters in the undergraduate poster session. Kimaya Padgaonkar won 3rd place in the undergraduate poster competition in the "Sustainability category". Congratulations Kimaya!

October 2014 

Shibin Mathew won the Braskem America Inc. Fellowship for 2014 given to outstanding PhD students of the ChemE department. Kudos to Shibin!

Undergrad Sierra Barner won the best interdisciplinary poster at Science 2014 sponsored by the Pitt Chapter of Sigma Xi, the Scientific Research Society. Kudos to Sierra!

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Apply for Graduate student or Post-doctoral Research Position !

We have opening for multiple PhD and Post-doctoral positions. Background in Chemical Engineering or Bioengineering will be preferred. Research topics include (but not limited to):

  • High throughput analysis of differentiating stem cells
  • Quantitative analysis of stochastic differentiation process
  • Systems theory of signaling pathways
  • Optimization based algorithm development for network analysis

Please contact Dr. Banerjee at ipb1@pitt.edu

Ipsita Banerjee

Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering

Email: ipb1@pitt.edu
Phone: 412-624-2071
Fax: 412-324-9639
Office: 930 Benedum Hall